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Home > MGM Resorts extends loyalty program to reward non-gamblers
MGM Resorts extends loyalty program to reward non-gamblers
Thuesday, 21 February 2012
MGM Resorts has announced the expansion of their loyalty program to include customers who spend money at their restaurants, shows and other items. Their enhanced website “M Life” now allows visitors to plan their trips and track the number of points they will earn at 13 of their resorts, ten in Las Vegas and the others in Mississippi and Michigan.

Company CEO Bill Hornbuckle said that for the first time customers can book services at various resorts in one place. With M Life a customer could book a room at the Bellagio, a Cirque du Soleil show at the MGM Grand and dinner at the House of Blues Foundation Room all at the same time and earn points for all of them."It's the first time we've been able to bundle the totality of the company," Hornbuckle said.

The company hopes that the stratagy will help them to catch up with competitor Caesars Entertainment Corp, which owns or manages more than 50 casinos in six countries.

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