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Home > Going to France by playing Bingo
Going to France by playing Bingo
Thuesday, 19 October 2010
On bingo 770, it is every day that our players are winning a big pot or the jackpot. Dave N told us that last month he won the jackpot of £16230 on bingo770 and he is playing bingo for only 2 months. Dave is student in business and he wants to work for wine exportation but for that he needs to speak a few languages.

So, with this money, he wants to leave England to go to France and learn it for a year in Bordeaux of course. He told us that he also met a lot of people on the site of the casino and he met a few French guys with who he talked a lot in English on the chat room. He met a young student from Bordeaux and he got a lot of information about France and the French guy will welcome Dave in Bordeaux when he will land. Online bingo is it more than a game it is an experience.

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